Todd Nuckols, President of 80/20 Business Coaching, has spent a lifetime in and around small and large businesses. He has served in a coaching and consulting capacity since 2000 and served as President of an international business management consulting franchise.

He has personally visited and coached owners in over 500 locations throughout North America. Now he has applied his concepts into an easy to follow format that any business owner can use to bring their business to the next level. 

In business, and in life, we spend a great amount of time doing activities that don’t contribute to our goals. Quite often we do this because we have never identified those key elements that create HUGE results.

In reality, it’s not the 40 hours we spend working in our business that matters. Many times, as little as 5% of what we do contributes to our overall success. The hard part is identifying those SMALL changes that create BIG results in our life and our business.

Business owners already have too much on their plates. What if you could take 95% of it OFF your “to do” list? Learn the key principles that Todd teaches that will help you to streamline your business, and your life, forever!


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